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Some Things To Consider When Buying An Orthopedic Dog Bed

There are several different types of lining used in an orthopedic dog bed. The two main ones are memory foam and egg crate or convoluted foam. Memory foam is the most common material used for human orthopedic beds. Its quality of molding to your body while maximizing comfort and releasing pressure points on your body has long been recognized and praised. Egg crate foam is not really strong. As such, you do not see a human orthopedic mattress made from egg crate foam. It is only used for mattress toppers and mattress pads. But dog beds are made from it. But you need to consider whether a large dog will be well supported by this latter material. You may not wish to pay attention to purchasing it, unless you have a small dog.

The ways these 2 linings work will be described below with the intention of shedding more light on the characteristics of the 2 materials, so you can make a more informed choice.

About Memory Foam

The most important characteristic of memory foam lies in its cellular composition. The cells of this material are filled with air and they are interconnected. While you sit on the mattress, the air is pushed out into the neighboring cells, allowing the material to mold around your body. In this way it can properly support your body and reduce any pressure points on your joints and spine. And because that is how it works for humans, it is obvious that a memory foam dog bed can work in the same way for dogs as well.

The Characteristics of Egg Crate Foam

The name for this material is not so surprising whilst you see that it looks very similar to a cardboard egg crate that it draws its name from. This type of foam has many dips and bumps. And it tend to be really think. So it can be worn out very quickly. There are no orthopedic beds for humans made from this lining for this reason. But egg crate foam may be used in some toppers and mattress pads. Therefore, egg crate foam may work well for a lightweight dog. But for big and heavy dogs, a memory foam dog bed is much more appropriate.

Your choice for the shape of an orthopedic dog bed can be influenced by the way your dog likes to sleep. So if your dog loves curling himself up while he sleeps, then he will appreciate a round dog bed to sleep in. Or if he prefers stretching himself out. Then a rectangular, long dog bed will be the best choice for your pet. All that is left to do now is to go out and get your pet a great ew orthopedic dog bed.

Make your dog’s life more comfortable with an Orthopedic Dog Bed. A Memory Foam Dog Bed is a fantastic choice.

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