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How To Train A Staffy Bull Terrier With Kindness Not Punishment

The Staffordshire bull terrier is one of the most outstanding dog breeds of all time, which is why so many people want to gain knowledge of how to train a staffy. One of the reasons why they cost so much is that they are so popular. However, this doesn’t stop folks buying staffies. If you are buying one, you need to take care of it and train it correctly.

If you haven’t yet owned a staffy, you would be astonished at how much love and warmth they can bring into your home. Staffies love to play with both children and adults, and they don’t tire very easily. It has a lot of energy and loves to exercise. Its playfulness will not fail to bring constant smiles to members of a family every day. In fact staffies are so sociable that they rate very highly in terms of friendly dog breeds.

The level of this energy this dog has suits older children. Kids who are too young may be bothered by this boundless energy. It is also a good idea to keep them separate from cats they are not familiar with.

The ancestors of this bred were a well-built and fearless lot. You can still detect remnants of this character in the current generations. This explains why they have such a muscular build. Modern-day staffies are fortunately a lot more friendly and selective in how they direct their energy. They have shed the fighting spirit of their ancestors for a more social and lovable one.

They reach maturity a bit slower than many other breeds. Experience seems to show that a staffy reaches mental adulthood at the age of about two. Having said that, they definitely remain active and cheerful for most of their lives. Most staffies live for about 12 years, but of course they can live much longer than that. This is a good enough life time.

A licensed dog breeder is the best place to purchase a staffy. If you buy from an illegal source you will be supporting people who have no respect for animals. It is sometimes quite dispiriting to see animals maltreated so in the name of breeding. Licensed breeders love dogs and know how to breed and handle them properly.

The key to learning how to train a staffy is to be consistent. Whatever you do, don’t commence one system of staffy training and then keep changing it. It is best to stick with one tactic until your dog understands what you want it to do. Do not to teach them some tricks you do not want them to have indefinitely. It is quite tough to reverse this damage.

When you have learned how to train a staffy then it is time to get your puppy. You can start teaching it as soon as it settles in to your home. It is a good thought to commence with some education actions that will be undemanding for your dog to comprehend. You will need to ‘lock’ their learning into place by giving them a reward for their good behavior. Contrary to popular belief, defective conduct should not be punished but ignored – this is the main part of how to train a staffy successfully.

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